Got Gmail? We do!

And we're nice enough to give it to you!

Got Gmail? ...Because we're nice! :)
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Want Gmail?
Got Gmail? Have extra invites you would like to give away?
Just want to join to talk about anything gmail?
Here's the place for you! :D


*No request posts please. There will be posts of people who have invites to give away. If you would like an invite, reply to the post.
*Do not post direct links to the invites... other people will steal them. Instead, say how many you have to give away and others will reply with their email address. it will go on from there. :)
*Feel free to promote your own gmail communities here!
*Keep the topic to gmail... or your post will be deleted. 3 strikes and you're banned.
*Be polite. If you offend, cause problems, or anything of the sort in this community, you will be banned. This isn't the place for that.
*Make it grow! Once you get the gmail account you wanted, share your invites too!
*Post as many times a day as you please!
*Feel free to contact me, the maintainer at xxaxlxbxpxx@gmail.com for any questions/concerns/suggestions/etc. All will be greatly appreciated!

Feel free to link us and share the love!: Got Gmail!? JOIN!

Thanks, and enjoy!